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LSEstablishment of Research Institute for power generation in Beijing, Completed investment in medium-term strategic areas
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LSElectricity production2009The first research institute in China was established in Shanghai in,2010A second Research Institute was established in Beijing in,The move foreshadowsLSPower generation is strengthening ChinaR&DInvestment in the field.

    LSVice president and other staff of Zijun7month8Attended the unveiling ceremony of Beijing Research Institute in Beijing Branch.

Beijing Research Institute will shoulder super high pressureGIS(Gas insulated switchgear)andHVDC(HVDC transmission)Research and development of power system center with domain as the center.

LSPower generation insiders said, With the increasing demand for electric power in China every year,GISThe demand for equipment is also on the rise , HVDCAs an effective way in long distance transmission,Target market in China and European countries with vast territory,Demand is also increasing.Starting from the priority to meet the above needs,YesGISandHVDCThe establishment of UHV Research Institute by focusing on research and development in the field.

The insider also said, Shanghai Research Institute focusing on electric machinery and Beijing Research Institute focusing on Power System Center,Focus onR&DPush forward,ForeshadowedLSPower generation in China's domestic power sectorR&DInvestment to be completed .LSPower generation is not only in production Sales stage,Even to the extent thatR&DListen to customers at all stages,Show determination to develop localized products thoroughly .

transnational corporationsABBSIEMENS,CoreR&DDirectly managed by legal person Among Chinese Enterprises,only CHINT group From low pressure to ultra-high pressure has been developed locally.

Beijing Research Institute continues to give priority to development550kV GISAfter technology,Plan to develop126kV/252kVUpgrade products.

to this end,Excellent researchers hired directly in the local area,Not only shoulder the responsibility of Operation Research Institute,Also groping for Local Universities Strategic collaboration between research institutions and enterprises.

meanwhile,Also establish cooperation system with R & D center of Korean Research Institute including Anyang Research Institute,To promote the optimized development of Chinese local products.

LSPower generation through one-year restructuring,Sales attributed to various business departments Production and research functions,Integrated in the new concept of China's regional headquarters in Shanghai,Accelerate business expansion in China from this year.

Existing Wuxi Dalian legal person,Beijing and Shanghai Research InstituteR&D,And this year4Established inLSLake factory,MarkedLSCompletion of portfolio in China market.2009year,The total sales volume in China has reached9150Ten thousand dollars,plan2015Year to11Billion7200000 level about1Trillion4400Billion won .

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GIS(Gas Insulated Switchgear Gas insulated switchgear)

GISIt is the power equipment used in indoor or outdoor plants and substations.Not only when the transmission line of the substation is normal,Even in the event of an accident,Under abnormal conditions such as short circuit,GISCan guarantee the safety of power system.

With the increase of power demand,High voltage substation equipment also tends to be closed due to maintenance costs and safety issues Electronization therefore,Existing air insulation equipment/Oil insulated equipment is replaced by gas insulated equipment.

GISyesSF6Gas is embedded in a metal tank as insulating gas,It covers an area of about25%.

Sulfur hexafluoride gas is non-toxic,tasteless,Non combustible gas,Excellent insulation performance,Even if the casing and metal box are in full contact with the ground,Good security, too.

■HVDC(High Voltage Direct Current Transmission System HVDC transmission)

HVDCHigh voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system is generated by the power plant after the conversion of AC power to DC transmission,Power supply mode of converting to AC at the place of power consumption.The big ones can be divided intoBTB(Back to back)andPTP Overhead/seabed Two types of methods.

In two different AC systems, HVDC can also be used to connect.BecauseHVDCTransmissible maximum power,Long distance transmission and power transmission under the sea are the most favorable ways.Comparison of HVDC and AC transmission,Increase in transmission capacity200%.

In the field of HVDC,ABB,Siemens?,AREVA 3Companies occupy most of the market about95% .recently,Markets around the world are coming from Europe North America leads China India and Southeast Asia,In China, DC transmission companies are emerging.

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