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12KV/24KV/35KV-DFWType a outdoor cable junction box

Product name 12KV/24KV/35KV-DFWType a outdoor cable junction box

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  • DFWmouth-Outdoor design of port series cable junction box system,Fully sealed structure,Full insulation dustproof Moisture-proof Flood resistance,Corrosion resistance Strong environmental adaptability.The protection level of the cabinet is up toIP3X.Cable joint bracket made of stainless steel,The shell is made of stainless steel plate or cold rolled plate by spraying.

    The cable connector bracket is located on the upper part of the junction box,To support the sleeve,The sleeve is used to fix the cable joint,If it is with lightning arrester,The arrester is installed at the end of the cable addition,Short circuit fault indicator and live display are also installed in the junction box.All live parts of the main circuit in the box shall be insulated by the prefabricated plug-in cable terminal.The cable partition is located at the lower part of the box,With cable fixing clamp and grounding terminal.Reasonable box layout,Small volume,Compact structure,Beautiful appearance,Simple installation,Maintenance free.

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