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GCK.GCL Low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet

 GCK GCLSeries low voltage drawer type switch cabinet is the motor control center Switch cabinet for power distribution center,Suitable for power plant Substation and large building High-rise buildings Airport Hospital Industrial and mining enterprises as three-phase communication50HZ Voltage380VAnd the following power systems feed lighting Motor control and power compensation.The product complies withGB7251-97 Professional standardZBK36001-89 IEC439-1Etc.

  • Product Details
  • structure characteristics GCK GCLThe framework of the switch cabinet adopts"FA28"Profiles or"C"Assembled from channel steel,The main bus is arranged vertically and horizontally on the top of the cabinet,Cabinet door sealed with silicone strip,The upper part and the lower part of the cabinet body are provided with ventilation and heat dissipation holes.
    Main technical parameters
    Rated insulation voltage of main circuit 660V
    Rated voltage of main circuit Communication380V
    Rated voltage of auxiliary circuit Communication220V 380V Direct110V 220V
    Rated frequency 50(60) Hz
    Rated current Horizontal bus bar≤3200A      Vertical bus bar1600A
    Rated short-time withstand current(1S) 50KA 80KA
    Rated peak durable current(0.1S) 105KA 176KA
    Power frequency experiment voltage Main circuit2500V/min   Auxiliary circuit1760V/min
    Enclosure protection class IP3L0 IP4L0
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