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XL-21Type low voltage outdoor cabinet

XLOne21Type power distribution box is suitable for power plants and industrial and mining enterprises,At AC voltage500Three phase four wire or three-phase five wire system with voltage and below for power distribution.

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  • main features  1 Power distribution box is closed,The shell is made of steel plate,The operating handle of the knife switch is on the upper part of the right column in front of the box,It can be used for switching power supply.2 There is a voltmeter in front of the distribution box,Voltage indicating bus bar.There is a door in front of the distribution box,After opening door,All equipment in the distribution box is open Convenient for maintenance.3 All distribution boxes are made of components designed by ourselves in China,With compact structure,Convenient maintenance,The line scheme can be combined flexibly.4 The distribution box is equipped with air circuit breaker and fuse as short circuit protection,Also equipped with contactor and thermal relay,The front door of the box can be equipped with operation buttons and indicator lights.5 Indoor and outdoor installation.6 accord withGB7251.1One2005.

    3.technical parameter Rated voltage V 400 Rated insulation voltage V 660 Rated current A 630rated99Time tolerance Electric current kA 30 Enclosure protection class IP30 IP33
    4.Outline size wide×deep×high Company mm wide 600 600 700 600 700 800 800 high 1700 1700 1700 1800 1800 1700 1800 deep 370 470 370 470 470 370 470

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