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CMC CFW BMC FKC FCC FZMSeries bus duct

Product name CMC CFW BMC FKC FCC FZMSeries bus duct

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    Volume fine,Good heat dissipation performance The bus system is made of high quality electrolytic copper,Heat sink design attached to the shell,Single conductor design
    One structure,The assembly process of close machining,Compact bus,Save a lot of time in field assembly and construction,More reasonable assembly to the space of the building.
    Excellent protection performance The bus system adopts sandwich structure,Conductor and conductor,High performance insulating material shall be used for isolation between conductor and shell,High intensity,Air and fire,Smoke doesn't flow through the bus at all.More steel,Aluminum alloy shell,Therefore, the protection performance is excellent.
    Earthing protection,Comprehensive improvement of safety performance Published and advocated by International Electrical Technology Commission:The bus duct system uses the enclosure as the grounding conductor  Our bus duct system is designed and developed according to this concept.All the short circuit tests conducted by the National Test Center for grounding conductivity are up to the standard,Considered extremely safe and effective
    Excellent system variability and elastic design The bus system can be based on the objective reality and special needs of users,Design and manufacture all kinds of specially processed components,Such as all kinds of elbows and expansion joints, etc.
    Silence is gold,Control noise Conductor of bus system,The insulating material and the shell are closely assembled by the best processing technology,Almost no noise when energized.
    Compressed magnetic field Bus system is in our independent laboratory,Special magnetic field related experiments have been tested and passed,The resulting magnetic field is negligible
    Good protection The protection performance of each unit of the bus system is fully achievedIP65Grade,In the design and development of the connection between units, the requirements of water-proof and dust-proof protection are fully considered,The shell also has good corrosion resistance.
    Convenient shunt system The unique design of drawer type plug-in box for bus system,Ensure that the neutral line of the system is grounded first during the plugging process,And it can be plugged and unplugged with power.
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    Ambient air temperature shall not exceed+40℃,And in24The average temperature shall not exceed+35℃.The lower limit of ambient air temperature is-5℃; Air cleaning at maximum temperature+40℃Time,The relative temperature shall not exceed50%,High relative temperature rise is allowed at low temperature; Altitude of installation≤2000M; Protection levelIP65; If there are special conditions for use,Please contact us,To facilitate special processing design.
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