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HC-PD-YJtype Emergency lighting distribution box

HC-PD-YJType I fire emergency lighting distribution box products Hereinafter referred to as equipment For emergency lighting control,Control controlled equipment to perform predetermined actions,Receive feedback signals from controlled equipment Monitor the operation status of controlled equipment Information communication with superior monitoring equipment

  • Product Details
  • One Working principle

       HC-PD-YJSeries emergency lighting distribution box is composed of AC contactor Intermediate relay Circuit breaker Control transformer and other low-voltage electrical accessories.Two circuits controlled by two AC contactorsAC220VAC power conversion.Power loss of main power supply,Switch to another standby power supply,Ensure the continuity of power supply.When the main power supply is restored, switch back to the main power supply immediately.With manual operation mode After the fire,From fire control centerDC24VActive fire linkage control signal,Input to the emergency lighting distribution box to cut off the power supply,Turn connected lamps into emergency lighting state,And send out linkage feedback signal Each output circuit has overload protection function.

    Two Technical characteristics

    1. Rated voltage Single-phaseAC220V

    2. Rated working voltage Rated working voltage85%-110%

    3. working frequency 50 Hz

    4. Altitude not more than2000m.

    5. No conductive dust,Chemical corrosive gas and fire Places with explosive danger and violent vibration.

    6 Should be in0ºC~55ºCTransportation and storage in temperature range,stay24No more than allowed in hours+70 ºC.

    7. relative humidity ≤90%

    Three Size and weight

    This equipment is rectangular in shape,Its material is metal,The color is gray and the overall dimension is long×wide×high 200mm×400 mm×500 mm.

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