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HC-XFKZ-B Fire pump control equipment)Fire electrical control device

HC-XFKZ-BType a fire electrical control device Fire pump control equipment product Hereinafter referred to as equipment Used for the control of building fire pump,Control controlled equipment to perform predetermined actions,Receive feedback signals from controlled equipment Monitor the operation status of controlled equipment Information communication with superior monitoring equipment,Sound and light prompt to personnel

  • Product Details
  • I. structural features and working principle

    The main circuit of the equipment control circuit Basic unit composition such as operation and indication part.The main circuit supplies power to the equipment The control circuit controls the controlled equipment,And receive the feedback signal of the controlled equipment Operation and indication part indicates the working status of the equipment,Receive operator's operation Setup instruction.

      The working principle of this equipment is as follows After the equipment receives the on-site manual control signal or the fire joint control signal of the fire linkage controller,Process this signal Transformation,Form the next level control signal and send it to the controlled equipment At the same time, control the main circuit on/Disconnect the power supply of the controlled equipment,So as to complete the start-up of controlled equipment/Stopped addition,The equipment can also transmit the working state information of the controlled equipment to the fire linkage control system of the upper level,Send out indication signals to display the equipment and controlled equipment,as Power signal Manual operation of the equipment/Automatic working status signal Status signal registration of controlled equipment,So as to complete the function of information transmission and indication.

    Two.Technical characteristics

    1. working voltage AC 380±10V

    2. relative humidity ≤90%

    3. Altitude ≤1000m

    4. No explosive dust Corrosive gas

    5.Rated power 132KW

    Three dimensional weight

    This equipment is rectangular in shape,The main color is gray, and the material is metal,The overall dimension is long×wide×high 500mm ×1000 mm×1800 mm,Total amount is100 kg.

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