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HC-XFPY-FJ Smoke control fan Dual power control equipment)Fire electrical control device

HC-XFPY-FJtypeFire electrical control device Smoke control fan Dual power control equipment product Hereinafter referred to as equipment Be used forFire smoke exhaust fanControl,With controlled equipmentPerform scheduled actions,Receive feedback signals from controlled equipment Monitor the operation status of controlled equipment Information communication with superior monitoring equipment,Sound and light prompt to personnel

  • Product Details
  • Structural characteristics and working principle

    HC-XFPY-FJSeries fire electrical control device Smoke control fan Dual power control equipment It is automatically switched by dual power supply Circuit breaker AC contactor Motor protector Lack of phase and phase sequence Components of low-voltage electrical accessories such as overvoltage and undervoltage protector.Equipment with manual Automatic operation mode Phase loss and phase sequence protector,In three-phase AC circuit, if over-voltage and under voltage are detected Open circuit of any phase fuse or open phase of power supply lineJDImmediate action,Control contact cuts off the coil power of main circuit AC contactor,Thus, the main contact of the AC contactor acts to protect the load from phase failure,Sound and light alarm sound for power failure.In manual or automatic start,First, make sure that the external lead of the fire damper is connected and the relay is powered on,To start the fan,In automatic state,When fire linkage signals,Warning light,Start the fan at the same time.

    3 Technical characteristics

     1. Rated voltage Three-phaseAC 380

     2. Rated working voltage Rated voltage85%-110%

     3. working frequency 50 Hz

     4 The surrounding medium temperature is not higher than+40ºC,No less than-5ºC,24The average temperature within hours is not higher than+35ºC.

     5 Relative humidity at+40ºCDo not exceed50%,stay+20ºCAllow for90%,

     6. Altitude not more than2000m.

     7. No conductive dust,Chemical corrosive gas and fire Places with explosive danger and violent vibration.

     8 Should be in-25ºC~55ºCTransportation and storage in temperature range,stay24No more than allowed in hours+70 ºC.

     9. relative humidity ≤90%

     10.Rated power 30KW

      4 Size and weight

    This equipment is rectangular in shape,grey,Its material is metal,The overall dimension is long×wide×high 250mm×600mm×800 mm,Total amount is50 kg.

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