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Shenzhen Huacheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development company production Sales and service in one professional production power system35kVBelow height Low voltage complete equipment,High tech enterprises of smart grid products.Is the director enterprise of Shenzhen hi tech Industry Association,Member of Guangdong Electric Industry Association,Member of Shenzhen New Energy Industry Association,And obtained the registration confirmation certificate of Shenzhen small and medium enterprises Service Bureau.The company is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,Have production base,With annual output35kVBelow height Low voltage complete equipment,Production capacity of smart grid products.

Company on2018It was awarded by China Quality Certification Center Co., LtdISO9001:2015quality management system certification 2018It was awarded by China Quality Certification Center Co., LtdISO14001:2015Environmental management system certification 2018It was awarded by China Quality Certification Center Co., LtdOHSAS 18001 2007Occupational health and safety management system certificate 2013Obtained the first-class credit issued by Beijing Zhongdian levy research enterprise credit evaluation center inAAAEnterprise certificate 2015In, it was awarded by the National Standardization Administration of China that the fully insulated, fully sealed and compact air circuit breaker cabinet was made of international standard products IEC62271-200-2003 Sign certificate.2011Company's Huacheng power Trademark registered in the State Trademark Office.

The company's main products are Intelligent ring network switchgear Smart grid ring network switch station HCR-GTSolid insulated switchgear HXGN15-12/24kV SF6Ring main unit HCR-12/24kVTotally enclosed and insulatedSF6Inflator KYN28-12/24kVRemovable metal enclosed switchgear DFW-12/24kVCable Distribution box XGW-12/24kVOutdoor switching station YBWBox type substation YBDUnderground box type transformer ZGSAmerican box type transformer GCK/GGD/MNSEqual low voltage distribution cabinet XLPower cabinet XMDistribution box and self-developedFLN36/FLN48typeSF6Load switch Low voltage bus duct Low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet Outdoor integrated distribution box and other products.All products of the company are obtainedCCCCertificate and relevant type test report.The company has high prototype production3000mThe following gas insulated metal enclosed ring network switchgear HCR-12/C 630-20cabinet Metal enclosed fixed switchgear XGN15-12/630-20cabinet Plateau type3500mIndoor metal armored withdrawable switchgear for KYN28-12/T1250-31.5Production capacity and qualification of plateau type high voltage cabinet.The company is dedicated to petrochemical aviation traffic Electronics hydropower nuclear power communication Construction and other industries to provide high-quality power transmission and transformation equipment and services.

The company has advanced CNC shear punching Folding equipment,Intelligent robot welding,Constant pressure vacuum pumping-He2Leak hunting-Gas filling equipment and other production and manufacturing equipment,Moisture detector Hand held leak detector High current generator 10 ~24kVA batch of inspection equipment such as high-voltage withstand voltage machine.The company has a group of skilled industrial workers and excellent engineers,And with Schneider ABB Siemens and other multinational companies establish good cooperation relationship.

Sustainable development strategy of the company,Pursuing innovation Perform responsibilities With products constantly surpassing Quality service and action,To provide you with high quality Reassuring products.Over the years,The company has always been people-oriented Management theory of scientific and technological innovation,With dedication Sincerity Absorbed The core values of unity to drive their own development.

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